The GLOBAL 1000 Meet | Partner | Deal (G1000MPD) is a platform and conference series for Startup and High-Growth Company Scouting for the Global 1000. The Global 1000 are the world's biggest companies by market value. Global 1000 companies are integrating corporate venturing into their overall innovation and growth stategy and are looking for the world's most innovative startups and high-growth companies. The Global 1000 are the fastest growing venturing activity in the world, with about $100 billion in venturing assets and more than $3.5 trillion in corporate revenues. The Global 1000 are fast becoming the most important factor in venturing success for startups and investors.

Global 1000 corporate venturing models include:

  • early/late state exit partner
  • mergers & acquisition
  • gaining favored access to their customers
  • early/late stage investing
  • partnering
  • joint venturing
  • co-developing products
  • incubation
  • product sourcing
  • white labeling
  • revenue sharing
  • distributor agreements


We are looking for startups and high-growth companies from VCs, angel investors, SBIR programs, State startup support programs, universities and accelerators/incubators from around the world to provide to the Global 1000. You can request to showcase your company and meet interested Global 1000 companies by submission on the homepage.